As we learn the science of Earth’s changing climate,

we become aware of how to change our own inner climate. Gratitude, Connection and Protection-we can lean to Protect and to be Protected by all of nature. Our awareness matters.

We imagine a world

in which we are engaged in creating our future, as we learn to be engaged in our present world. What we dream matters.

We use our voices to enact change,

to remind the grownups to pay attention and to take the action that we cannot.  What we say matters.

A Message from the Director


The world and our way of teaching are both at a tipping point.”

“It’s time to provide the children of today

with the tools they need now.”

“For this reason, the GWE is now incorporating training in
mindfulness, compassion, empathy and connectedness into
everything we do in our programs, weaving these trainings
throughout each week of science, arts and action.




A society transformed through the voices of children and youth, which, once elevated and given authority, inspire social change toward an equitable, regenerative way of living on the earth.


To educate children in the areas of science, climate science, regenerative solutions, arts, outdoors, civics, mindfulness, advocacy and action, and to create opportunities for them to feel the interconnection between the natural world and their inner world, empowering them to mobilize a human world to support all beings.

No matter where they go, (the GWE kids) are going to take what they’ve learned through the GWE and be agents of change. They are serious and they are willing to take their message all the way to the White House.
Javier Gonzales – Fmr City of Santa Fe Mayor

Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors


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... is a By Kids / For Kids Think Tank Program for kids ages 8-12. The program is designed to be mentored by grownups, but powered by kids, who decide what Small Goals and Big Goals they want to accomplish.

The Global Warming Express is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, based in New Mexico..


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