Earth Day 2022 Radio Broadcast with GWE!

Jul 7, 2022 | Community Support

On April 23, 2022, The Global Warming Express was proud to be featured in a special Earth Day broadcast of The radio program, the Children’s Hour, which is now syndicated with over 200 radio stations across the North America, Europe and Asia. The 1-hour program featured renowned climate scientist, Dr. Michael Mann, who is best known as the scientist Leonardo Di Caprio played in the film, Don’t Look Up, and his co-author Megan Herbert, of the children’s book The Tantrum that Saved the World, as well as Kaia, a former GWE student at Mountain Mahogany School in Albuquerque, and Marina ,who wrote the book and started the program, The Global Warming Express. 

Here’s a link to that interview and program: