Apr 13, 2023 | Community Support

It’s been 11 years since Marina first went to the New Mexico Legislature to give her one-minute speech on global warming and the dangers to all species. On that day, Marina’s teddy bear wore the first GWE shirt to be seen in the Round House. After she spoke, grownups swarmed her for photos and interviews as though she was famous. No one had ever seen a child speak up about those topics in the NM Legislature before. 

Fast forward, 11 years later- 

A LOT of kids have performed plays, puppet shows, songs and speeches at the Legislature. During the Covid pandemic, GWEers testified online for bills that would support animals, end single use plastic and end fossil fuel extraction. 

This year, due to a Covid outbreak in the Round House, some GWEers were unable to attend and some GWEers attended, but could not go indoors. The Climate Justice Day Press Conference had to be held outdoors! 

Despite all, the GWE did a fabulous job, as usual, carrying their artwork in a giant parade, attending a mock Committee Session with Liz Stefanik and giving speeches. 

Hooray to all of Global Warming Expressers who jumped onboard this year!! 

May 2024/24 allow them to be part of the Legislature process inside the building!!!