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The Global Warming Express goes to the Global Climate Action Summit!!!!!



The Global Warming Express Goes to San Francisco Global Climate Action Summit!!!!!

Five Global Warming Express students or graduates were nominated to attend the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, last week (Sept. 13 and 14) and one student was selected to attend!!!

Marina Weber attended the Global Climate Action Summit as one of 100 youth delegates from around the world. The Summit was filled with reports from businesses, NGOs, cities, states and  countries, with a strong representation from women and indigenous community organizations, on the state of the climate commitments since the Paris Agreement and on the urgency to push even farther and faster to implement the agreement, around the world.

As you can see from the photos, people attended from all over the world, including Vice President Al Gore and All Kids’ Favorite- Jane Goodall. 🙂 🙂

It was an honor for Marina and The Global Warming Express to be included in this important, world Summit. Though the Summit was amazing, it lacked one element- KIDS- kids speaking, kids performing and kids leading. Here is to the next big climate gathering, and to having GWE kids in their blue t shirts helping to keep the grownups motivated!