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What is the GWE?

The GWE/Global Warming Express, founded in 2012, is a Climate Change Education & Activism organization and a fast-growing kids’ movement, created and led by kids, for kids. The program has expanded from schools in Santa Fe, NM statewide and across the nation. Our original widely acclaimed program is called the Global Warming Express, for ages 9-12 . The GWE is now in process of developing a new program, the Global W.E., which stands for Global Warming Emergency, for ages 13+.


We’ve had hundreds of actions
locally and nationally for climate justice


We’re Building a Pipeline of Youth Climate Leaders Who advocate For a Sustainable Future


We’re creating catalytic impact
through growth we have built over ten years

How Did the GWE Begin?


A nine-year-old girl, Marina Weber-Stevens founded the GWE after she learned about global warming (now called climate change) and endangered species in third grade. Marina wrote a book called The Global Warming Express to send to President Obama, and she enlisted the help of her classmate, Joanna, to illustrate it. The book made it to President Obama & is now read by kids nationwide! Our programming is designed to inspire young people and grownups to learn to pay attention, to love the earth, and to work together to create change that will fully support the earth and all species.

Letter From NM US Senator Tom Udall:

“Dear Marina:

“I believe the Global Warming Express book will be a real hit. It conveys a powerful message about global warming and its import.

“Thank you for allowing me to contribute a forward – a real honor to participate.

“Hope our paths cross again soon.

“Cheers, Tom

What Does the GWE Do Today?

Students in each program meet with mentors weekly to learn about climate science and solutions for resilience, set and accomplish activism goals for their homes, schools, communities, state and beyond. The GWE kids regularly contribute to city, county and state-level legislative meetings.

Their initiatives have helped to create and improve policy and practices in sustainability in New Mexico.

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Rob Hirsch

Climate Leadership Institute Award

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Sprout Award

Contribution in Caring for the Earth
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City of Santa Fe

Sustainability Proclamation

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NM Governor's Award

For Environmental Excellence
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Congressional Award

For Climate Advocacy
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... is a By Kids / For Kids Think Tank Program for kids ages 8-12. The program is designed to be mentored by grownups, but powered by kids, who decide what Small Goals and Big Goals they want to accomplish.

The Global Warming Express is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, based in New Mexico..


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