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Acequia Madre Solar Installation Shade Structure Ribbon Cutting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-) :-)

It took the original GWEers 2 years of hard work and patience to do their Dream and —THEY DID IT!!!!

Thanks to Rowan, Helen, Marina, Joanna, Avi, Miles, Elena, Fae  and Amea—the dream to solarize their school was born and became REAL. Against ALL odds, the solar structure was approved and funded. On Earth Day,2016,  the current GWEers: Ruby, Aiden, Reese, Winder, Haley, Mags, Phoebe, Ely and Hawk all celebrated the accomplishment of the original GWE group. With speeches and an original song, they memorialized the GWE kids and all the Grownups who helped to make the Dream Come True. AND THEN THEY CUT THE RIBBONS!!!!!

Photos of some of the GWEers and some of the Grownups who helped, like Principal Ahlum Scarola, Matt Miller and Peter Wirth.

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