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Climate Action Task Force

Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales has announced that he is convening a Climate Action Task Force, whose mission will be to come up with a set of concrete actions the city can take to prepare for climate change, molded around plans already created by experts on sustainability, green jobs, food, and energy. And the GWE will be at the table. The group will be co-chaired by GWE Grownup Advisor (and City Councilor) Peter N. Ives, and will include Grownup Advisor (and SF County Commissioner) Kathy Holian. But most exciting of all is that the Mayor has named GWE co-founder Marina Weber to the group as well.

The Climate Change Task Force will be tasked with increasing local sources of renewable energy, improving recycling rates, improving public transportation, and creating a city landscape resilient to drought. The Mayor will also ask them to look to improving the health of forests around the city’s municipal watershed, increasing the number of municipal buildings powered with solar energy, expanding community gardens, and improving public transportation as ways the city can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate problems anticipated to result from climate change.

May the Force be with us!