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FAN MAIL for the Global Warming Express book!

IMG_0323The Global Warming Express book has been getting rave reviews! Here are some special letters that it has been getting, lately. A letter from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which says ,,”To ensure a safe, bright future for you as well as for future generations, we must all unite and do our part to protect the world’s wildlife, air and water. We must all get on board the Global Warming Express!



And here is a note from Jill Cooper Udall, wife of Senator Udall, who says,”Don’t stop working to make the planet safe- We depend on you.”

Jill Udall Ltr frontJIll Udall Ltr back

And finally, a note from Senator Udall: Sen Udall ltrHe says, Thank you for allowing me to contribute a Forward (to the book)- a real honor to participate.

Thanks, Marina and Joanna, for making such a terrific book!