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For Grownups



The Global Warming Express was started by kids, for kids — and kids run the show.  Grownups are important, too, and there are a number of ways you can get involved.


At the heart of The Global Warming Express is the GWE Club, which the kids started at Acequia Madre Elementary School in Santa Fe. We are rapidly expanding this mentorship program to after-school groups across Santa Fe and the surrounding area, buy why stop there? We have kids wanting to join us nationally and internationally. It is easy to jump onboard the Express! If your child would like to join us from afar, or start a similar club at home, or — even better — if you already have a kids’ group that wants to learn the science, activism, and public speaking and performance skills needed to create change in your community, please contact us. The Express is a rapidly growing movement for kids, by kids, who all know that KIDS CHANGE THE WORLD! 


Our club chapters meet every week to discuss current environmental issues and the science behind them, learn from invited speakers about promising technologies and policies, and develop their own initiatives. We also hold a Climate Change Camp in the summer that combines hands-on science with instruction in public speaking and performance. We are now in the process of developing the material these programs have generated into a curriculum that can be adopted elsewhere. Please feel free to contact us for material or check back later for ideas you can use in the classroom.


The Global Warming Express welcomes volunteers of all ages to get on board!  We are currently seeking volunteers and interns to help us with the expanded programming in the schools this coming school year. If you, or someone you know, wants to jump into this cutting-edge curriculum building, let us know! 

Friends & Supporters

GWE is grateful to many businesses and individuals for their support. To view a list of those who keep the Express chugging along, and for more information on how to contribute, please see our Donate page.