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Helen & Marina Speak Out on PNM

GWE and Go Green kids were out in force at the Santa Fe City Council meeting April 1, 2014, to support a resolution opposing a PNM (New Mexico’s electric company) plan to replace power from two coal-fired power plants with power from another coal plant, plus natural gas and nuclear energy. Helen Harrison and Marina Weber kicked off the well-attended meeting with this speech:

Helen & Marina, photography by Jason S. Ordaz

Helen & Marina, photography by Jason S. Ordaz

M: Hello, I am Marina Weber

H: And I am Helen Harrison

M and H: We want to thank the City Council for allowing us to speak tonight.

H: Dear City of Santa Fe. We are 11 years old and we go to school at Acequia Madre School. Why do we use coal for electricity instead of the natural resources we have? Why don’t we use the sun and wind we have so much of in New Mexico? We need to work harder to get rid of fossil fuels altogether and to create a clean and efficient planet for the future. We are the Global Warming Express, and we are here because we care.

M: We care about what happens in the future for us and our family and friends. Burning coal produces methane, which is 20 times worse than CO2 in the atmosphere. This increases global warming. We are already almost at the tipping point after which there will be no turning back from climate change.

H: PNM must rethink their plans, and instead of just switching to another coal plant, they should use the natural resources that are all around us and that are renewable!

M: As I once reminded my mom, “We are either doing this, or we are not.”

H and M: This is OUR FUTURE! 

Telephone Wires, illustration by Joanna Whysner

Telephone Wires, illustration by Joanna Whysner

Members of the Go Green Club from Wood Gormley Elementary School also spoke, and a number of students from Santa Fe Community College gave a speech as well. After the GWE and Go Green kids spoke, Mayor Gonzales interrupted the proceedings to praise the girls, and to say that he was “proud to be Mayor of a city with kids like this.” He then went on to ask the kids to come to City Hall more often and to continue to remind him and the City Council “what we need to do.”