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Watch the Video & Learn the Song!

GWE Kids Performing, Photograph by Jason S. Ordaz

GWE Kids Performing, Photograph by Jason S. Ordaz

One way The Global Warming Express kids get out the message about climate change is through performance. They have been invited to perform The Global Warming Express Song at various venues and events around Santa Fe.

Click below to watch a video of them at the 2014 Mayoral Inauguration of Javier Gonzales at the Greer Garson Theatre at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. (Video courtesy of Ken Hughes.)

Here are the words, in case you’d like to learn the song. The characters come from the forthcoming book, The Global Warming Express, and the lyrics were written by Joanna:

A train! A book! A website! An organization!

Bada Bada Badaa

The Fluff came from Antarctica and ended in the U.S.A

Flora came from the north pole ‘cause ice was meltin’ away

Creamy came from a little ol’ zoo that didn’t get very much pay

Little Croissant is just a bird so he doesn’t have much to say

La dida didaa

Stop global warming, Stop global warming

Global warming

Do something now and save the planet

Stop burning fossil fuels

Start that today

And sooner or later you’ll be moving the right way

Stop global warming!

The earth is hanging by a string

We need a light bulb that goes bing!

We are the Global Warming Express

Be aware! Be aware! Be aware!

Be be be aware aware

We don’t want to cause a fuss,

But seriously?

Start riding the bus!

It’s easy!

You walk, start walking!

You rock, start rocking!

You bike, it’s fun!

We like, you’ll love it!

It’s far, just too far! Take a car,

Solar powered electric!


CO2! Methane! Global warming! Tame them!

Join us on our quest

Tto do what’s really best!