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Marina’s Speech to the EPA

Marina.animeHi, I’m Marina. We started The Global Warming Express because we were concerned about climate change issues. We wrote a book, and now we are learning about how to give speeches and work with our government around how to make changes in our city, state, and country. We are mostly concerned about how fast fossil fuels are adding to global warming. Every summer temperatures climb and fires are more frequent and more intense. Most summers I can’t seem to sleep because of how hot it is. There is ash falling out of the sky from the fires. Which means my allergies grow more intense. And think about our animals. What can do to help them? They will burn and die because of the fires we cause as humans. Even if we stopped using coal, natural gas, and oil right now it would take at least 20 more years for climate change to slow down. We have caused enough trouble already on our earth and so we should be the ones to stop it. No one told me to say this. I’m saying it because I care about climate and about my future life.