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Move the Express Forward!

The Global Warming Express Club has been invited to expand into as many as ten additional schools in the Santa Fe area this year, but we need funds in order to reach all those kids! You can help move the Express forward by sponsoring a school, a teacher, or supplies. See the packages below, and then go to the Donate page to find out how to make a contribution.




Sponsor One School for One Year – $ 4,000

Name/Logo on School Poster, Website, Marketing Materials


Sponsor Eleven Schools for One Year – $44,000

Listed as Major Sponsor

Name/Logo on ALL School Posters, Website, Marketing Materials

PLUS on All Event Materials, Recognition in Speeches & Promotions,

& On All Tee-shirts


Sponsor One Teacher at One School for One Year – $2,250

Name/Logo on School Poster, Website, Marketing & Event Materials

Sponsor Website Updates For School Year – $2,200

Prominent Display of Name/Logo on Website, Marketing Materials


Sponsor 200 Tee Shirts – $ 1,200

Name/Logo on Website & Marketing Materials


Sponsor Snacks for One School for One Year – $850

Name/Logo on Website & School Poster


Sponsor 500 Bumper Stickers – $500

Name/Logo on Website


GWE is also happy to welcome Friends & Family

Move the Express Forward with your donation of $10 – $99

Your name will be listed on our website.