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Do you know what OUR CHILDREN’S TRUST  is? Here is something about what they/we are up to:

Since 2011, youth from around the United States and the world have initiated legal actions to address climate change, as part of the global TRUST campaign organized by the non-profit organization, Our Children’s Trust.The purpose of the campaign is to compel state governments, the federal govt. and foreign nations to protect public constitutional and public trust rights of present and future generations to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate system.

The OCT has helped to organize young voices across New Mexico to present a

PETITION FOR REGULATORY CHANGE to the State of NM Environmental Improvement Board. 

Six of the young petitioners are from The Global Warming Express (Anahi, Arael, Reese, Ruby, Asha and Marina.  They and their parents talked with the OCT staff and decided to join the petition. On August 25, 2017, the petition was heard by the NM Environmental Improvement Board, at a room in the NM Legislature, otherwise known, by the GWEers, as the Roundhouse. Ruby, Asha and Reese, from the GWE attended the Hearing and made speeches to the Improvement Board members.  All the NM young people who spoke did a truly remarkable job of combining scientific fact with their passionate voices. They did SO well, as a matter of fact, that the Board members, who were expected to deny the petition altogether, actually did not do that. They applauded the kids for their speeches and for their well-made points and they “not only listened  but affirmatively directed us to work with the Department and other stakeholders to craft a rule…which is very exciting, “ said Andrea, the attorney for Our Children’s Trust.                 .

Andrea said that this move by the Board of the NM Environmental Improvement Board was actually unusual and a Pretty Big Deal because they were actually impressed with the kids’ presentations and that the kids made a Big Difference to the outcome of the Hearing. 

Well, we all know that Kids Change the World! 

Rock on GWEers and the OCT NM petitioners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!