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PARIS to SANTA FE Climate March

On Saturday, December 12,2015 the GWE joined others from Santa Fe and Albuquerque to create a Paris to Santa Fe Climate March starting at the Santa Fe Plaza. Cold, snowy weather did not deter the marchers, who rallied to sing sustainable energy Christmas carols before they marched! On hand from the GWE Board of Directors were Heather Karlson and Maria Hondros. Camilla Feibelman, ED of the NM Sierra Club led the event. Magnificent Farrell,  pictured here, was the only GWE kid who was able to attend. This was his first March and Rally! (photos by Heather Karlson)



Mags at climate march - 12-12-15 - IMG_0622 NEE's sign at climate march - 12-12-15 - IMG_0626 shoes for solidarity - climate march 12-12-15 - IMG_0608 shoes for solidarity - climate march - 12-12-15 - IMG_0619 climate march - bandstand 12-12-15 - IMG_0614