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“As we Learn the science of the Earth’s changing climate, we also learn how to change our own, “inner climate”. We Dream of solutions, we Do what we dream and we Inspire grownups to do the same. What we think matters.”

Eldorado GWEers’ Most-Excellent Tree Planting Project!

Eldorado GWEers’ Most-Excellent Tree Planting Project!

At the start of 2023, the Global Warming Expressers in Las Vegas, White Rock, Santa Fe and Eldorado, New Mexico began working on mandalas. A mandala is an image, with an important being in the center and other beings who/which are important in their world, all around them.


Some Words from our Youth


artist- Ellie Stevens

Love is the Earth                               

Spinning around and



Love is the 

Core of our earth 

Keeping us alive



Alex, 10 years old




Some Words from our Youth: 


  • Global Warming is because of Us. 
  • I am part of Global Warming Express because I really feel for the animals. 
  • I don’t think they deserve to be killed by global warming because we started it. 
  • It’s just really sad.
  • Earth gave us a home, gives us life, gives us oxygen and everything, and we’re not mutually respecting Earth. We’re here. Earth is mad! 
  • I’m not scared to make a speech. I’m scared not to. 
  • (When I gave a speech at the Town Hall event) I was kind of excited, the adults were looking up to children. Some people just ignore children, because – we’re children! So, I really felt supported. I feel really passionate about it. People were listening to us. 
  • GWE ‘s goal is to educate people. A lot of grownups don’t know what is happening to our planet. 
  • Grownups can’t rely on the kids to fix it. 
  • We can’t go back in time and fix it. 
  • It makes me feel good that I know that kids get to make a difference. 
  • I want to live to be, like, 95. I want to grow up and I want to have kids and I want to watch them grow up. 
  • I hope that global warming will stop, one day. And if it doesn’t, I will keep fighting for what is right and stop it. And I hope that everybody lives a happy life, instead of having to work on this. 

Breathe. Learn. Dream. Do. Inspire. 

Kids Change (breathe) the World.

Climate Strike


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... is a By Kids / For Kids Think Tank Program for kids ages 8-12. The program is designed to be mentored by grownups, but powered by kids, who decide what Small Goals and Big Goals they want to accomplish.

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