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Senator Tom Udall Turns 66!

We were invited to Senator Tom Udall’s birthday party on May 17th, 2014. There was no cake, no party hats, no disco music, no pizza — I mean, some birthday party! Marina, Faith, and I had to dress up, and it was pretty boring; but, I guess, since we’re in a campaign, this is what we have to do…

We got our picture taken with Jill Cooper Udall, whom we had never met before. She is super nice. Here we are with her and Senator Udall:

With the Udalls

With the Udalls

Can you tell I had a stomach ache?

Then we found the shrimp and Sprite. The Sprite helped my stomach, and Faith and I pigged out on the shrimp while Marina pigged out on the cheese.

Next Leslie Lakind comes charging across the room toward us. I couldn’t quite understand what he was saying, but the next thing I knew, we were being pushed to the front of the room, where Senator Udall was making a speech. With lots of shrimp in my hand I had no choice but to throw it at my mom in haste. We found ourselves standing next to Senator Udall, and we all immediately improved our posture. He had begun his speech by talking about how important climate change is, which was way cool, but when he leaned away from the microphone and asked us, “What’s your organization called?” we were doomed.

I, with shrimp in my mouth could only say,”I haf simp in ma mouf!”

Marina, with cheese in her mouth said,”da gobal wamin expess.”

Faith, bless her soul, managed to say,” The Global Warming Express!!”

Then, I swallowed my shrimp and burped! Yes, right up on stage, I had to burp!

After Senator Udall’s talk was over, the guests started to mingle. I must say, their conversations weren’t the lively sort. We went back to the bench and chair we had been sitting in when we were so rudely interrupted, and Marina and I started fighting over the chair, and then my whole world turned to slow motion.

“Nnnnnnooooooooooooo!!!” I shouted, but I was too late. Faith had already taken a seat in the plate of ranch dressing that we had left on the bench. Marina and I charged after Faith into the ladies restroom. Boy, we were some ladies! Who knew Faith could run fast as Usain Bolt!

Marina and I found Faith in front of the mirror cleaning her dress with towels and soapy water. Then we started back out to the world of politics — stuffy, boring politics.

Then, again, much to our surprise, we were being shoved to the front of the room. This time it was to take a picture with Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales. We found our way into something you could call a pose.

With Javier Gonzales

With Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales

“Smile!” said the camera person. We all smiled. Then, “bbbbuuuuurrrrppppp!” I slapped my hands over my mouth and blushed. Marina shot me a warming glance, so I smiled sweetly and avoided any more eye contact with her. After the pictures were over we left the party.

All I got out of the party were some pictures and the knowledge of what wonderful people the Udalls are. I guess that’s enough.


Illustration by Joanna Whysner

Birthday Cake, Illustration by Joanna Whysner