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The GWE Kids’ Board of Directors!

The GWE now has a Kids’ Board of Directors at the helm! Six of the more seasoned GWEers met for monthly meetings in November and December ’14. They were joined in December by Honorary GWE Member Anna Rose Mohr-Almeida, from Mesa, AZ. The Kids’ Board recently performed at the GWE Party at Tomasita’s on January 28th, and elected a seventh member: Acequia Madre GWEer Jaxon Maloney!

The Kids’ Board discusses and votes on policy decisions. These decisions cover everything from T-shirt design to participation in public demonstrations to targeting the legislative process. The Kids’ Board met with a Climate Action Task Force subcomittee in late December, and Board actions recently led to contributing to the conversation on PNM’s Energy Plan, and the GWE Kids Board looks forward to continuing to support New Energy Economy and Mayor Javier Gonzales in promoting renewable energy for Santa Fe and New Mexico.

Here are Marina, Helen, Avi, Joanna, and Marino (and Zubin, who was photographer), who together constitute the GWE Kids’ Board, performing at the GWE Fundraiser at Tomasita’s on January 28th, 2015.

KIDS Bd song

Photograph by and courtesy of Esha Chiocchio