Mayor Webber Goes to School!!!

On Wed., April 11, Mayor Alan Webber came to meet with the Global Warming Expressers at Acequia Madre Elementary school to ask their advice about getting solar installed, as he just signed on with:
Timothy Keller, Mayor of  Albuquerque, Ken Miyagishima, Mayor of Las Cruces and Javier M. Gonzales, Former Mayor of Santa Fe, along with 176 other mayors nationwide, to commit to a solar powered city!!

When he arrived at at GWE headquarters (the school library), he and the GWEers took a TEST on climate change and renewable energy! Mayor Webber’s test was hard, as you can see from the look on his face in this photo…

but he did smile when he got one right. 🙂

Word has it, he asked to trade tests, though, because  his test was too difficult:(

GWEer Sufyan read The Story of Solar at Acequia Madre to the Mayor, to explain to him how the GWEers had to fight hard, but how, after 2 years, they got their solar installed.

Then, the kids took him outside to see their solar shade structure and GWEer Winder told him all the facts and figures about how much electricity it provides (a lot! -50% on an average day), what it cost, and how much it money it saves.

We think he learned a lot from us. But it was sad to see him go,

However,  the GWEers took some great photos with him- on the school ground and in their photo op art mural! And he asked us to come to city hall, next school year, to continue to consult with him!